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Advance Laser, Better Result

Slick Vision uses the state-of-the-art Astanza Duality laser, the leading choice for laser tattoo removal practitioners around the world. Widely regarded as the industry’s flagship system, the Duality laser is trusted by skilled tattoo artists, medical spas, top physicians, and leading tattoo removal clinics worldwide. Backed by Astanza, the world’s leader in lasers for laser tattoo removal, the Astanza Duality delivers unmatched results for all skin types.

The Duality produces an ultra-short pulse duration of 6000 picoseconds paired with high pulse energy to produce intense peak power for optimal ink shattering on the most popular tattoo pigments. The Duality’s essential wavelengths (1064 nm and 532 nm) can effectively treat and completely remove a wide range of tattoo ink colors including black, violet, dark blue, red, orange, green, brown and yellow and delivers the safest treatments for all skin types I-VI.

Furthermore, the Duality features a homogeneous beam profile and square spot beam for maximum precision and reduced treatment overlap. These characteristics are ideal for safer treatment application, minimal risk of thermal injury, and other unwanted side effects–especially for darker skin types.


Client Conmort Comes First 

At Slick Vision Tattoo & Laser Removal, client comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. While laser tattoo removal is a very tolerable procedure, everyone has different reactions to the laser. The majority of customers say the laser feels comparable to a rubber band snapping against the skin. Others say it feels similar to getting a tattoo applied. No matter your pain threshold, Slick Vision wants every customer to feel at ease and comfortable during their treatment. That’s why we use the Zimmer Cryo 6 cooling machine.

This innovative device effectively numbs the skin throughout a laser tattoo removal treatment. The Cryo directs freezing cold air (-30°C) over the skin, alleviating and numbing any discomfort or pain associated with the laser within a matter of minutes. Unlike other cooling methods, the Cryo 6 cools the epidermis before, during, and after treatment, making it the only cooling method that delivers maximum comfort throughout the entirety of the treatment. Best of all, the Cryo is noninvasive and delivers immediate results, unlike numbing creams, injectables, and ice packs that either take several minutes to activate, are invasive, or provide temporary results. Furthermore, not only does the Cryo minimize pain, but it also reduces thermal injury and increases patient comfort.

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